Katherine Elizabeth Jackson…

(she/her/hers) is a Usui Reiki Master-level certified Self-Care Guide and Reiki Master. She has had over a year’s experience with both her one-on-one Reiki and self-care guidance practice, and with leading group meditation workshops.

In her one-on-one Reiki and self-care guidance practice, Katherine’s focus is first on providing a safe space for her client to open up. By dimming lights, including essential oils and healing crystals, and by leading them into a meditation before the conversation, she gives clients an energetic healing from the day’s activity first, so that the effect of the work done is long-lasting, not just a short boost of excitement that would fade quickly after leaving the session.

Katherine has led meditative social justice workshops in New Orleans, Lousiana, at UCSD, Long Beach City College, and in several other spaces around California. In these workshops, she uses this time with what she calls her “Self-Care Community” to work through specific issues that stop most of us from being able to fully accept and use our power for success. Topics such as “inner-child work” and “forgiveness” are a few of what she uses her talent as a meditative storyteller to address.

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson has worked with all ages, from 5yrs-75yrs, and with a variety of clients such as queer and trans people of color, women of color, people with mental disabilities, and people with detrimental illnesses helping teach positive self-identity and social justice, helping them build healthy foundations, and helping them find their path of success. Her RAW & Righteous slogan, “Live Real to You”, speaks on what she tells and demonstrates to the world:

Your authentic self will bring you to where you need to be.

Let’s find her.


On our Inspiration page, as well on the @rawrighteous Instagram, Facebook and through our Facebook group, the RAW & Righteous Community Forum, you can find different kinds of information on living a holistic lifestyle. What do we mean by holistic? Not just the metaphysical- living balanced. From books and podcasts to feed the mind, to affirmations created by Katherine to feed the soul, to healthy food inspiration to feed the body, RAW & Righteous is giving it all so that you can stay glowing in between your self-care guidance sessions.

Join our Facebook group! In our private Facebook group, the RAW & Righteous Community Forum, we are free to share experiences and tips with others who are on their journey to goal achievement and living balanced with Katherine, organize in-person meet-up groups with members of our Community Forum, and “Live True to You” among others who are working to do the same.


RAW & Righteous is a holistic health and wellness company based in Oakland, CA founded by Self-Care Guide and Reiki Master, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson. With our media presence, event hosting, and personalized wellness services, our emphasis is on providing creatives, dancers and women of color with guidance needed for living a balanced lifestyle, achieving their goals, and securing acceptance of their authentic selves.


Our RAW & Righteous Self-Care Community events are intended to use the power of collective energy to create necessary transformation in not only those who join, but in our world as a whole. Katherine Elizabeth Jackson holds space for creatives, dancers, and women of color to love, accept, and live true to themselves, whether during a peaceful, internally-focused workshop or at a RAW & Righteous social event.

In Katherine’s Sense of Self Meditation workshop, she will lead you through an intuitively guided internal journey, covering topics such as forgiveness, chakra development and inner-child work through the graceful self-exploration of meditation. A voluntary discussion on our meditation will follow. You will leave re-connected with love and gratitude for yourself and others.


"Thank you, beautiful meditation!"

"Thank you for helping to create and be apart of some of the most beautiful space I have ever been a part of."

"It's all love."

RAW & Righteous also holds events hosted by Katherine Elizabeth Jackson for our creatives, dancers and women of color to come together for nights of celebration and community-care. These events have always been during the time of the full moon; we have the opportunity to network and socialize at the time when our energy, our passion, and our motivation is the highest.
10% of our profits from these events go to women's and children's charitable organizations.