Informational Inspiration

On our Inspiration page, as well on Instagram, Facebook and through our Facebook group, you can find different kinds of information on living a holistic lifestyle. From full moon and new moon breakdowns to interviews with artists, organizers and entrepreneurs to POC and LGBTQIA informational support, we offer a full range of content that gives insight to the many beautiful aspects of life.

Join our Facebook group! In our private Facebook group, we are free to share experiences and experiments from our healthy living journeys, organize community meet-ups with people from our group, and offer events, services and information related to holistic wellness.

RAW & Righteous will soon begin our YouTube channel! Founder Katherine Elizabeth Jackson displays our morals on our YouTube channel through passionate, healthy lifestyle-focused discussions with guests, and solo breakdowns of topics such as "Self-Worth" and "Freedom". Subscribe to keep up with the conversation!


RAW & Righteous is a holistic health and wellness organization based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Katherine Elizabeth Jackson. With our media presence, event hosting, and personalized wellness services, our emphasis is on providing you with inspiration needed for living a healthier lifestyle.


The community events that we hold are intended to use the power of collective energy to create necessary transformation in not only those who join, but in our world as a whole. Whether a guest teacher leading us through feminine movement or our founder, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, holding space during the Sense of Self Meditation Workshop, our events always spark inspiration and share information for living an overall consciously healthier lifestyle.

In this Sense of Self Meditation group workshop, Reiki Master therapist, self-care and meditation guide, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, will lead you through an intuitively guided internal journey, covering topics such as forgiveness, chakra development and inner-child work through the graceful self-exploration of meditation. A voluntary discussion on our meditation will follow. You will leave re-connected with love and gratitude for yourself and others.


"Thank you, beautiful meditation!"

"Thank you for helping to create and be apart of some of the most beautiful space I have ever been a part of."

"It's all love."

Our events lead by guest teachers almost always involve the beauty of feminine essence. While these events are not exclusive towards women, as a partial female-empowerment organization (along with our support of POC and LGBTQIA) we find it necessary to celebrate the effect that the feminine view has on all of our lives. Past events like these include our Feminine Expression Movement Workshop led by dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, James Mahkween and our Removing Fear From Your Life With Intention led by creator of the FCK Fear Movement, Erin Julianna.
10% of our profits from events go to women's and children's charitable organizations.