I Appreciate You, Vitamin C Serum

I just bought my first Vitamin C cream from Sephora.

I was initially hesitant to buy it, because too many times have I bought a hyped-up skin treatment that either

  1. Did nothing but took my money or

  2. Caused a new issue for my skin

If you have not yet been bombarded with this new health trend (not to be confused with IV treatments), Vitamin C serums are one of the new re-discoveries promising glowing skin and eternal youth. Even though I usually don’t splurge on health trends, I do think that there are points to them. Ways to cop the benefits without buying exactly what has been shown to you. I even see the good in the kale trend: EAT YOUR GREENS!


The point I am finding in this vitamin c popularity is: EAT YOUR FRUIT! Citrus (which vitamin c is naturally abundant in) is a key staple in your diet for great skin, healthy hair and nails, and a more toned body. It does not replace physical fitness and water, but it is important.

I bought my vitamin c cream on a bit of an impulse; I went to Sephora to restock my Fenty Beauty foundation and was suddenly reminded of the words of Luvvie Ajayi, “I love Vitamin C Serum”. I walked over to the Ole Henriksen collection and stared down the prices until I decided on trying the C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme. I needed a new moisturizer anyway.


LISTEN. Here’s how my vitamin c moisturizer is changing my life:

  1. Brightening? YES. I’m bright and glowing and then I’m putting on my Fenty gold powder and looking like the sun.

  2. Pores? REFINED. I’m smooth.

  3. Skin clear? YES! Dark spots and acne is reduced to pretty much none. I’m also drinking lemon water, so…

My skin is refreshed like me drinking charcoal lemonade in August and I’m sending that Sephora screenshot above to everyone I’ve been talking to about skin care. I’m happy I treated myself to this! It actually lives up to the hype and surpassed it. AKA it’s reliable. A good trait for any of us to have.