Iron Rod by Naika Gabriel

Iron Rod

You have known me since before the


Dictating what my momma should do

I knew that when I came I was

meant to break you. Reshape.

First, I had to know you.

Your terrain. Your make up. Your law.

Your essence.

Because you're made of gold

like everything else.

The only thing is you've forgotten-hard

that you're made of gold-

like most everyone else.

Not me- nah

You wrapped me up hard

like a candy wrapper refusing

to be disposed.

Enabled me from enjoying Life.

Stripped me of the capacity to

Enjoy, injoy Love.

Dulled the pain. Amplified Pain.

Until I took notice of something.

You're dull, you're bitter. You're tired. Muddied. Muddled.

Taking the form of iron. In our minds.


Shape-shifting, weaving whisps of could-be desires,

Hard-won 'truths,'

fears focused on what if, have not, can't, don't, won't.

You're a shell of a wind

Formless, yet with some magick you've come across

And the nature of Our road,

You've been able to take form, shape, and dominate Us.

No, we've allowed you to dominate us.

In this way,

See, I've been getting to know you, Iron one.

Yes, first from afar, through my parents, see?

My family, the Church, peers, hierarchies, human history.

You never could get a handle on nature, no sir- that's Her domain


You've been longing for some rest, reprieve, access from

this relentless you've got going on.

And it's okay- no one is going to whip You. Attack You. Pull the rug from underneath You. Blind You. Slay You. Pierce You. Judge You. Alienate You. Eviscerate You.

You've done that all on your own, baby boy.


You weren't always the way you were...

Or you also exist in another form, yet you've, we've, allowed toxic rust

To run our rivers, our lanes, our veins. In our matrices!

Yet, we have antidotes! Cures! Medicines to restore You in You.

You in Us.


Because, Iron Rod, you are Holy.

You in Us

Yes, You-

See, You are of the divine too-

Divine Masculine, yes

and somehow, some way, some part of a You has become twisted

Meaning You can get untwisted

Let your love of hearth, love warrior, light keeper

Seep out

Let it soothe you, great one

If you can't at first, take one step toward Her. Just one.

She will overcome You. Overwhelm You.

Swell deep inside Your very being and make Herself known to your every crevice, indentation and ghosts.

You'll be lost for but a moment for she doesn't want to kill you. Waste you. Become you.

She wants You to Be.


Make your way back home, with dignity, no shame.

For look what you've done! All that you've contributed to the growth of the world! The universe! Our consciousness!

You are driving Us out of the darkness into the Light!-Hard!


Yes, the chains you've formed and wrought have taken a life of their own now,

and they're difficult to shake off, unlock, disintegrate.

They are also weak. They are also iron-

We are neither.

-Naika Gabriel