Paying Attention to Intuition

I look for signs to know where I am in my journey. I search for clues in my times without clarity to show me whether it is time to act, or to rest and re-align. Each moment may give a different answer.

I started regulating myself in this way 3 years ago, which was when my spiritual journey was re-sparked and I started to pray. Positioning myself in prayer and watching for these messages that would appear around me shifted my course. These messages reminded me that I am never alone on my journey. Now, through time spent with myself, taking note of what I need and when, and paying attention to what these messages tell me, I’ve learned how to speak to myself in a way that I can understand and then translate into action. I ask, “how can I turn these signs into achievement?” My intuition tells me what I need to know. When I listen to what it has to say, I continue to march on my path with confidence.