Full Moon In Taurus: Building A HOME

During this Full Moon in Taurus I will, and have already began to, find time for introspection, and the nurturing of my relationships with others and with myself through prayer, meditation, and ritual. The Full Moon is a time of high emotional, sexual, and creative energy. I usually enjoy spending this time in celebration, by going dancing or joining a group gathering. During this Full Moon, however, the Taurus energy brings me back home, utilizing my free time by writing poetry and blog posts, crafting copper-wrapped crystal jewelry, and talking to my family and friends about anything and everything. Any creative plans- I am writing them down now, and saving them for a future time when life brings me to action. Right now I am crossing T’s, dotting I’s, and getting cozy with some inspirational content as if it were Mercury Retrograde. There is possibility in stillness.