“Live True to You.”

RAW & Righteous is a holistic lifestyle platform created by artist and Reiki Master, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson. With our blog presence, self-care services, and artistic products our emphasis is on providing creative entrepreneurs with the guidance needed for living the life you love.


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson…

(she/they) is a Usui Reiki Master-level certified Reiki Master Practitioner. She has had experience with both her one-on-one Reiki and guidance practice, and with leading group meditation workshops. They are also a multifacted artist, offering life guidance, inspiration and service through their futuristic artwork. Visit the ‘Store’ to view what they have created for their RAW & Righteous community.


In her one-on-one Reiki and self-care guidance practice, Katherine’s focus is first on providing a safe space for her client to open up. By dimming lights, including essential oils and healing crystals, and by leading them into a meditation before the conversation, she gives clients an energetic healing from the day’s activity first, so that the effect of the work done is long-lasting, not just a short boost of excitement that would fade quickly after leaving the session.


Katherine has led meditative social justice workshops in New Orleans, Louisiana, at UCSD, Long Beach City College, and in several other spaces around California. In these workshops, she uses this time with what they call their “Self-Care Community” to work through specific issues that stop most of us from being able to fully accept and use our power for success. Topics such as “inner-child work” and “forgiveness” are a few of what she uses her talent as a meditative storyteller to address.


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson has worked with all ages, from 5yrs-75yrs, and with a variety of clients such as queer and trans people of color, women of color, people with mental disabilities, and people with detrimental illnesses helping teach positive self-identity and social justice, helping them build healthy foundations, and helping them find their path of success. Their RAW & Righteous slogan, “Live True to You”, speaks on what they demonstrate to the world:

Your authentic self will bring you to where you need to be.

Let’s find them.


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