I Appreciate You, Vitamin C Serum

If you have not yet been bombarded with this new health trend (not to be confused with IV treatments), Vitamin C serums are one of the new re-discoveries promising glowing skin and eternal youth. Even though I usually don’t splurge on health trends, I do think that there are points to them. Ways to cop the benefits without buying exactly what has been shown to you. I even see the good in the kale trend: EAT YOUR GREENS!...

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My Self-Love Has Been Through A Lot This Year

 “I feel so warm inside me. It feels like I’m constantly being embraced. Every moment I’m unconsciously praising and supporting myself- I trust my unsupervised thoughts. It feels calm and even when I’m not it only takes a minute to remember that I am safe and protected.” My journey isn’t over but I feel welcome here in this moment. Peace is a form of existence.

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Michelle Angela, Aesthetician and Henna Artist

I have always been intrigued by the ancient traditions of adorning the body with the sacred henna plant. These traditions can be found all over the world. For me Henna is a sacred plant that has the ability to heal yourself from within. I believe that every woman is a goddess and deserves to feel like one. I feel it’s my purpose to gift woman the blessing of this ancient adornment and all its magical healing powers. I have seen henna uplift the mood and spirit of many people through my work, for me that is the greatest victory.

Michelle Angela

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